Peckham Multi Storey Car Park

Peckham Multi Storey Car Park


We are Make Shift

Our projects transform underused space, into amazing places that inspire community, creativity and enterprise. Our aim is to empower local people and independent businesses to grow stronger, together.

All of our projects focus on providing the space and support that talented people need to bring their ideas and ambitions to life. We inspire and enable the people who use our spaces to invest in their community by providing their skills, time and energy to local causes.

We unlock the potential in places

We are motivated by a desire to pioneer a new way to use public spaces to inspire positive social change.

We think the world needs to rekindle its sense of community, and we believe that places can play a powerful role in bringing people together to achieve great things.

Our aim is to unlock the potential in underused and undervalued spaces through design and the creation of communities. We want to build places where people can benefit from the support they need to inspire positive change in the world around them.

Empowering local people and independent businesses to grow stronger together

We believe that the most effective way to instigate change within communities is by empowering local people. They have the greatest impact on their local environment, so we aim to provide them with the support they need to succeed.

Real change happens on a local scale, so we create places that help local people positively impact their own communities.

By bringing people together, connecting artists, entrepreneurs and social champions with the communities around them; we think we can help communities grow closer, stronger and happier.

Creating places and connections that inspire community, creativity and enterprise

We design and create places, providing the physical spaces that business and people need to connect, create and grow. But our approach goes far beyond physical space.

We curate our communities to fill them with members who share our values, who can complement and support each other in their growth. We actively manage the communities in our projects, facilitating internal connections between our members and external links with the communities that surround them.

Each of our projects is designed to support and inspire community, creativity and enterprise, as we believe these are powerful forces that can best achieve the positive social change we want to inspire.