What we do

We design, build and manage new public destinations that house communities of local, independent businesses.

All our projects focus on providing the space and support that talented people need to bring their ideas and ambitions to life.

We make the space as affordable as possible, we offer as much support as we can, and we actively connect our members with each other and the community around them.


how we work


Step 1

Find a building or piece of land that isn’t being used to its full potential.

Step 2

Work with local people to find out what they really need.

Step 3

Design and build a beautiful and inspiring space to answer the demand.

Step 4

Fill it with local, independent businesses.

Step 5

Encourage and inspire those businesses to give back to the community around them



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We research local needs, then design projects that offer affordable and inspiring space for small businesses and independent workers in lots of different industries.    

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We connect our members with the community around them. Our foundation works with our members to share skills, funds and space from our projects into the communities around them.    

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Our projects are designed to be more than workspace. They are public destinations that invite visitors inside to discover and interact with our members, take part in events, and benefit from new facilities.


our story

It all started in Brixton.

Before Make Shift even had a name, we were the management team at Pop Brixton. We turned an empty carpark in the heart of Brixton into a new destination that now houses around 50 small businesses working in food, retail, social enterprise and the creative industries. It was our first project, opening its doors in May 2015. In those days it was three people around one desk (James, Philippe and Rose, if you’re interested).

Based on the success of Pop Brixton, in October 2015 we were invited to put forward a proposal for a new project. The brief was to transform an underused multi-story carpark in Peckham into something that could support local businesses, creative uses and the community as a whole. Our proposal was selected, and later became Peckham Levels.

With a second project in the works, our ambitions grew. We thought there must be other opportunities out there, and wanted to grow our business and work in more communities. So we needed a team, a name and plan. That’s when Make Shift was born.

Now we’re a team of 16. We focus on supporting independent local teams who manage each of our projects, exploring new opportunities and launching new sites.