Project Info

Peckham Levels is our second project, created to showcase the cultural talent at work in Peckham and offer much needed affordable workspace for artists and entrepreneurs.

It has transformed seven levels of an underused multi-storey carpark in Peckham into a cultural destination and workspace for local creative workers.

The space includes 50 studios for artists, makers and small businesses; as well as space for food businesses, retailers, markets, events and more.

The project building a new creative workshop and cultural destination that showcases its members and connects them with the world outside.


The Story

The idea for Peckham Levels was born when Southwark Council announced an open call, asking the community to propose a positive alternate use for the empty levels within the multistorey car park in the centre of Peckham.

The council issued a brief highlighting the potential this space had to support employment and the arts and asked for suggestions for temporary projects that could take up residence in the car park for 5 years. Dozens of ideas were submitted by architects, entrepreneurs and community groups; and in November 2015 Peckham Levels was selected as the winning bid.

Over the last two years Make Shift continued to develop the concept, working closely with the local community to identify members, developing designs and bringing the space to life.

Peckham Levels its doors for the first time in December 2017.

PL Level Illustration.jpg